Support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

About project

On the morning of 24 February, our close neighbours and friends of Poland, citizens, and residents of Ukraine, were brutally attacked by the Russian army, which barbarously invaded the country in obedience to the criminal orders of Vladimir Putin. The Ukrainians have been defending themselves extremely bravely for several days now, but they are running out of the means necessary to continue their heroic defence, primarily personal protective equipment, and medical supplies, including blood stopping medicine (for resuscitation). There is also a widespread lack of equipment necessary for protection on the battlefield against the weapons of the Russian professional army, including bulletproof vests.

In connection with the above, the Purestone Foundation with its registered office in Wrocław, having the status of Organisation of Public Benefit (PBO), has launched a fundraising campaign for the purchase of the following items of personal protection equipment (including bulletproof vests) and medical supplies (military first-aid kits, bandages, tourniquets, blood stopping medicine – for resuscitation purposes, etc.).

Among the statutory objectives of the Purestone Foundation, listed in § 7 of the Foundation’s Articles of Association, are “Rescue and civil protection“, as well as “Assistance to victims of catastrophes, natural disasters, armed conflicts, and wars at home and abroad“. Pursuant to § 8 clause 1 of the Articles of Association, the Foundation pursues its objectives through, among others, collection of material and financial resources such as: donations, grants, bequests, and money from public collections.
At present, Ukrainians are victims of the Russian onslaught, and there is a need both to protect the civilian population and to help the victims of the armed conflict, and to provide the heroic defenders of Ukraine with the necessary defensive and medical equipment.
The Purestone Foundation, with its registered office in Wrocław, is therefore organising a fully lawful fundraiser to be able to efficiently assist the citizens and armed forces of Ukraine in defending their country, and to protect the local population from the tragic effects of war. We need to help and support the territorial army troops by donating the necessary protective equipment, in addition to supporting hospitals, refugees and providing the most needed items to those suffering as a result of war.
We appeal to all of you, who are not indifferent to the fate of Ukraine and its inhabitants, to make cash donations to the bank account, which is indicated below. All funds received from the fundraising will be immediately forwarded by the Foundation towards the purchase and delivery to Ukrainian citizens and the Ukrainian Army, as well as the civilian population of Ukraine, of the necessary protective and medical equipment.

Below is a detailed list of the purpose of the funds collected – a list of protective and medical equipment that will be purchased, as well as details for transferring funds to a bank account.

Current list of items needed

In the title of the transfer, please write: “Ukraine – funds for the purchase of protective and medical equipment”.

Domestic donations:

Fundacja Purestone
43 1140 1140 0000 5739 1600 1004
(donations in PLN)

Foreign donations:

Fundacja Purestone
BIC/SWIFT code for international transfers: BREXPLPWXXX
Donations in Euro: PL86 1140 1140 0000 5739 1600 1006
Donations in USD: PL59 1140 1140 0000 5739 1600 1007

Thank you in advance for all contributions as every donation, however small, makes a difference and could save someone’s life during this terrible war!

Only with your help can our efforts become long-term. As our donor, you can support the Foundation directly and thus help in the implementation of our projects.