Our Foundation

Purestone are four different people, four different characters and experiences, but we have one trait in common. A willingness to act and a predilection for achieving the impossible. That is why the Foundation, of which we are a part, will never operate in just one area. Our projects will be diverse, because we do not like barriers, but they will always have one motto in common – to help another person. In this way, brick after brick, perhaps each in a different colour, but with a single idea, we want to build an organisation that carries out special tasks, addresses problematic topics and takes unusual actions. Take a look at our projects and see for yourself, and if you like our concept – join us or support our activities.

The Foundation was established in 2012 under the name Fundacja Rozwoju Gospodarczego (abbreviated as FRG). Initially, it operated as an institution organising and promoting activities supporting Polish and foreign economy and science.
In 2015, it was granted the status of Public Benefit Organisation.
A year later, with the addition of two new persons to the team, the Foundation received a boost, which contributed to expanding the mission and changing the name to Purestone.
We pursue our goals through various forms of education, independent projects, innovative educational workshops. We break patterns, look for solutions and opportunities, we treat every project as a challenge that we gladly take on!
Purestone is a positive blend of characters of people fully mobilised for grassroots action based on complete transparency!
Read more about us in Our Projects - and this is just the beginning.