Terms and Conditions for Donations

Pursuant to § 11, section 1, letter a) of the Articles of Association of the PURESTONE FOUNDATION, the Foundation’s income may come from donations. Thanks to the donations received, the PURESTONE FOUNDATION may pursue its statutory objectives, including assistance to the Foundation’s charges and persons in need of support.

A donor to the PURESTONE Foundation may be anyone, i.e.: a natural person (e.g. a private person or an entrepreneur running a sole proprietorship), a legal person (e.g. a limited liability company, another foundation, or a religious association) or an organisational unit without legal personality (e.g. a general partnership, a limited partnership, or an association).

3. You can make a donation by choosing the following payment method:

  • domestic transfer – payment is made by bank transfer to the Foundation’s account;
  • transfer from abroad – payment is made by bank transfer with the SWIFT code, which for the Foundation’s account is 53175000120000000031115973, and with IBAN (in Poland NRB is transformed into IBAN by adding PL characters at the beginning);
  • payment card – VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic;
    electronic transfer using the currently available possibilities by Przelewy24
  • BLIK;
  • postal order.

– in the title, writing for example: “Donation towards the objectives of the Foundation”.

4. Making a donation is tantamount to accepting the Terms and Conditions of this Service, i.e. the website: https://pure-stone.org/.

5. Making a donation to the PURESTONE FOUNDATION is equivalent to concluding a donation agreement by the donor with the Foundation as the donee. Donation agreements, especially for larger amounts to the Foundation, may be concluded in the form of a notarised deed pursuant to 890 § 1 of the Civil Code, others come into effect at the moment the donation is made (e.g. transfer of a specific amount, payment by post, handing over of an object – movable item)

Article 890 [Form]

§ 1. The donor’s declaration shall be made in the form of a notarial deed. However, a donation agreement concluded without that form being observed, becomes valid if the promised performance has been fulfilled.

The conclusion of the agreement takes place at the moment of transferring the donation by the Donor. The transfer of the donation takes place upon crediting the donor’s payment to the Foundation’s account. In the event of payments made by card or electronic transfer, it is the moment of receiving a positive authorization that counts.

In addition to cash donations, the PURESTONE FOUNDATION also accepts donations in kind – movable goods and real estate. In the event of donation of real estate, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with the PURESTONE FOUNDATION in the form of a notarial deed.